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Sex with the Slayer

The Slayer paid me a little visit. Was walking the streets and she started to take me. Thought it was Buffy at first. Turned out to be someone quite different.


After some foreplay, we headed to her hotel room for a little shag.

We were laughing when we both fell to the ground upon entering. Never laugh much when I'm shagging.

I kissed her neck furiously, making my way to her lips. I captured them and ravished them. Tounges swirling.

"Buckle up Slayer...gonna be a bumpy ride."

We stood up and I kissed her roughly. She wrapped her legs tightly around me. She grinded up and down slowly as I made my way to the bed.

I tossed her on the bed and lifted her top off.

"No bra."

"Don't like to waste time," Faith replied in a sultry voice.

As I kissed her neck, she ripped my shirt open. I licked and kissed her breasts as she slowly traced her fingers down my back. I unzipped her leather pants and pulled them off slowly. Underneath she had a black thong.

I lifted her leg up as I kissed up her leg to her oroganous zone. She started breathing heavily with every kiss. I moved slowly on top of her, working my kisses up again.

I nibbled her neck as she removed my pants. She flipped me over to where she was on top. She went down on me, sucking me like a popcicle. Damn she was good.

She made her way up to my neck then started riding me like a mechanical bull. Slowly at first the harder and faster. She moaned and panted as she drew closer to an orgasam.

I moved to where I was on top and slowly lifted her legs onto my shoulder. I kneeled on the bed and moved back and forth. She pushed herself up higher moving myself deeper and deeper into her.

She panted harder and harder with each second. She pulled herself out and turned around. She grabbed my hands and as I carressed her breasts she put one hand behind my head and the other down her body into her clit, rubbing it. I found myself doing her from behind.

"Mmm...Spike. Feels sooo good."

"You like it this way," I said as i moved slowly up and down.

"Mhmm," she replied biting her lip.

I layed on my back as she moved up and down. She moved like she did when she was on top before. Slowly at first, then she began moving feverishly back and forth.

I moved my hand with hers and rubbed along with her. She used her hand to keep herself up. She moved hard and fast and as she climaxed she let out a scream.

She fell back on me and breathed heavily. She turned around getting off of me and kissed my chest.

"Told you I'd make you pop like warm champagne."

"Didn't pop yet love," I said throwing her back down on the bed. "Could take a long while to do that."

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