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A New Faith

Lonewolf, Bitch, those were just a few of the names they called me. Fuck I didn’t care. I was gonna do my time. After a while you get use to the routine. Mindless drone that’s what I was becomin’ and I didn’t care anymore.

I saw the way they looked at me, the way they wanted me, particularly Big Bertha. Heifer learned her lesson. My world was six feet by six feet. My name was prisoner 2795702. Hadn’t taken long to build my rep. Big Bertha was the only one. She was tiresome a fly on the shit load of humanity that was my existence.

“Prisoner 2795702, you’ve got a visitor.” My face brightened. I looked in the corner, a few letters sad there. Angel had believed in the only person in my life to give a fuck. I went over and put them in my pocket. There weren’t many but it was wicked sweet. He was still in love with B. I rolled my eyes it would always be B. But they were encouraging. Angel had been a frequent visitor until a month ago. Now he was missin’. News on the street he’d been kidnapped. I should be out lendin’ a hand. Where was B probably with peroxide boy? Made my stomach crawl.

“Faith, you’ve got a visitor,” the voice droned on. “Yeah, yeah coming.” Who the hell would come see me? Visitors at this time of night were unheard of, so I figured it had to be trouble. The buzzer droned on as my cell door opened. I followed the guard down the hall. “Wanna fuck?” the girl said as I passed by her cell. I gave her a look. It’d been too long. I wanted stick and I wanted it badly but she was wicked cute. Might have to do somethin’ about it.

The room was empty. I sat at the table waitin’. I heard the distinct rustle of material. My spider senses were tinglin’. Instinctively I reached for my knife. The demon sat across from me a package in her hands. She slid it across the table. I picked it up my senses went into over drive. I looked around the guards seemed in a trace.

I carefully opened the big box. My eyes lit up at the wad of money. The money was on top of the pink dress I’d tried on but had never worn. I lifted the dress and the memories came flooding back. A note fell out of the dress. A grin spread across my face as I say my knife. ‘What the fuck I thought?’ In corner of the box was a bottle of a clear liquid.

I picked up the note and opened it. The demon across from me smiled.


Two words: miniature golf. Does that bring a smile to my girl? Are you drinking your milk in there? If I know you, the answer is no. Don’t worry about me, my girl, death isn’t always the end.

Faith no father could ever be prouder of a daughter. Even though I don’t agree with your choices, I don’t like seeing you there with all those felons. Not good for my girl, no not at all. The diseases you could catch in there.

So here’s another gift for you from a proud father. It’s gonna hurt like hell. Miranda there, and don’t touch her you don’t know where she’s been, will take care of everything. Drink my little potion there. You’ll be sick for a few minutes and then walk out of there. Everyone else will think you are dead. That’s Miranda’s job. You’ll have about an hour before it wares off. Save the money and steal what you need.

Faith, I’m hoping you’ll come back to the fold. But I always want you out of there. No, give me a smile, eat your vegetables, and pull that hair off your face. Now drink the elixir like my good girl.


PS. Your apartment is waiting for you.

I sat there studying the liquid. Stayin’ here for twenty years didn’t appeal to me. This was wicked cool an escape clause. The Mayor you had to love him.

I opened the vital and smelled it. My stomach turned. I looked at the glowing eyes across from me. I downed the liquid with one gulp. It tasted like shit and it burned in my gut. I wanted to wretch, but I couldn’t move I was frozen almost lifeless. I felt my breath slowing. The room was spinning.

Across from me the demon’s eyes glowed. In a trance she began mumbling words I couldn’t understand. Inside my heart felt as if it would stop beating and it did. I felt everything slipping away and then it beat again.

It took a few minutes for me to come back to my senses. Suddenly the room was alive with activity. Next to me on the floor, was my body.

I stood up and moved away. You’ve got two hours until you are visible again. Man this was the shit! I had my get out of jail free card. The demon carried the box. I followed slowly. I stopped for a moment and watched them try to revive the apparition lying on the floor. The world would think I was dead.

But that was wrong. Christ I sounded like Buffy. I laughed. The guard looked around for the source of the nose. I followed her into the limo. I ate like a pig, drank champagne. This was the kick.

The limo let me out at one of those hotels, not would I woulda chosen considering my new found freedom and wealth but hell it wasn’t what I’d been use to. I passed the mirror and almost screamed. No reflection. Now it was time for me to have some fun.

I walked the streets of LA going nowhere in particular. Damn it felt good to be me alive, hot and superpowers and no B to be compared too. I passed by a shop. I had to stop. Leather black leather with my name had to have it. Besides I had to have a new look. Smashing the window was easy, one good jab with the elbow and it shattered. Alarms went off everywhere. Okay one indiscretion this really didn’t count. Grabbed what I wanted and left. This was gonna be my town. Yeah, I felt I should help B. Was I actually sayin’ that? But there was only suppose to be one. Guess that’s why we never got along. Well that and my knack for killin’ any and everything.

My footsteps carried me to a rather seedier part of town. I’d have to learn to change my habits. I stripped right there in front of the dumpster. What a rush, naked on the streets of the city of angels and not a fucking thing anyone could do about it.

Yeah, I felt it and I felt it strong. Ready to dust a vamp. Being invisible had its advantages. This was going to be wicked. Found a few bumps tryin’ to keep warm over a burning barrel. Scared the fuck outta them then I threw my prison clothes into the barrel and watched them burn. Faith was truly dead. Now I could be one of the good guys. Figured I’d visit Angel’s haunts and try and give a hand. That is after I convinced Princess Margaret I was one of the good guys now. I could just see Wes’ face. ‘Hi honey, I’m home!’ I’d always wanted to say that.

My footsteps echoed on the streets. This was LA no one would notice. My senses were gettin’ stronger and stronger. Then I saw him leaning against a wall, one foot bracing him. He was lost in thought taking long drags off a cigarette. Always wondered what it would be like with a vamp.

William the Bloody was walking sex. Watching him bad the lust rise in me. The grin spread across my face. His body tensed he knew something he was a vampire. I wanted to laugh my ass off. The chipped wonder. He couldn’t hurt me. Wasn’t sure who to thank but I looked up at the heavens and winked. I was horny as hell. He was gonna pop my cork.

If I timed it right, he’d be ready about the time I reappeared. He finished the cigarette blowing a lazy circle as threw it to the ground and put it out with his boot. God he was hot in that duster.

He stopped as I got close trying to figure out who was there. I slammed him against the wall.

“Hey!” He shouted. I was inches from his face. I moved my tongue in my mouth then I licked his lips.

“Bloody hell,” he muttered trying to push me away. I ached with every muscle but I wanted it slow. This time I let my tongue part his lips. One hand moved along his chest the other down his pants. He protested for just a moment. Then his arms were around me. His mouth sucked my tongue with desire. A low growl emitted from the back of his throat.

Even invisible he could feel how much I wanted him. He was turned on as much as I was. I felt it. His hands attempted to find me, than began to roam. Wicked turn on this was having someone see you with his hands. I moved my leg slowly up and down his.

I pulled up his top, and began to kiss his chest. My tongue moving slowing leaving a wet trace of the places I’d visited. I was squatting. I unzipped his pants and looked up at him with a grin. Then I remembered he couldn’t see me. He was ready and breathing hard. One long lick had him trembling. I was going to have Spike.

“Buffy,” he moaned.

B, he thought I was B? Fuck this. I pushed him back against the wall.

“Wait a minute, you can’t just … who the hell are you?” He was breathing hard and so was I. Damn it I wanted him still.

I moved to his side and whispered. “I could ride you at a gallop till your legs buckled and your eyes rolled up, I've got muscles you've never even dreamed of, I could squeeze you till you popped like warm champagne and you'd beg me to hurt you just a little bit more.”

He gabbed my arm as I moved away.

“Slayer,” he grinned. Yeah I thought wrong fuckin’ one.

I moved my arm to get out of his grasp. I should have known. I started walking away but he grabbed me by both arms turning me around.

Shit he could see me.

I could have beaten his ass, but I was like a rabbit caught in the headlights.

“I’m not B .. Buffy,” I hissed.

“Wouldn’t want you to be, love,” his grasp tightened. He roughly pulled me to him. It had been too long.

“Think you can pop me like warm champagne?” His lips were inches from mine. I bit his lip in frustration. The bite turned into a passionate French kiss. It had been awhile for him too, his hands were seeking me out. His head went to my neck and he sucked hard, his hands under my shirt.

“Slayer, you’ll keep coming back for more.” He smirked a brow.

Right I thought. He didn’t know much about me did he?

“How about a go then, pet?” He grinned. What would it hurt? I grabbed him and squeezed with just the right amount of pressure.

He noticed the buldge in my pocket. His hand moved into my pocket lingered for a moment fingers moving. He felt me shiver.

He pulled the hotel keys out of my pocket and dangled them in front of me. “Right then,” he said as he started following me to the hotel.

He grabbed my hand and pulled me back to him. “You’ve got a lot to learn slayer,” he started kissing me as we walked.

“You think you can teach me?” I sneered at him. If I hadn’t been so hot for him I’d kick ass.

“Only one that can,” He had this cocky look. I laughed. He’d never be able to keep up with me. Lucky for him it was early evening he’d have enough time to get back to his crypt.

I put the key in the door, but he pushed me back against it. Shit we were inches away from being inside and the floor or the chair or the bed.

“First lesson, pet,” his tongue was moving over me his finger chasing my jaw line. What a rush. I felt my body quiver. His hand held both of mine above my head against the front of the door. I could have easily gotten out, but I didn’t want to.

The other hand found it’s way under my shirt. This was the first time I wanted the man and not just the zip less fuck. Prison had really screwed me up.

Finally he let my hands go. He grabbed my legs and I easily wrapped them around his waist. Still kissing me, he unlocked the door and we spilled into the room. He tripped and we fell on the floor laughing. I’d never laughed during sex.

This was becoming more than I’d bargained for. I should have run. For the first time in my life I was becoming five by five.
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