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Feelings Revealed

“I can’t loose my heart to you, because you’ve had it all along. But I need to know, what does this mean to you?”

Cordy told me that and it totally took me by surprise. I didn't know what to say. But deep down I did.

"This? As in all the sex?"

She nodded.

"Did you not pay attention to when I told you how I felt earlier? Cordy...you know me. I don't spit out empty words and I rarely open up. So when I get serious...you know I'm being genuine."

I looked at her intently.

"I made a bunch of mistakes while we were dating. We both did. But the biggest mistake was me letting you go. I should have fought harder...because I loved you. I still do."

A tear fell down her cheek and I kissed it away.

"Cordelia Chase...I love you. With all my heart I love you."

She pulled me into a deep kiss.

"Really," she asked as she pulled away for breath.

"More than anything."

I kissed her again intensifying the kiss.

"Take me," She said between kisses.

I kissed her neck whilst tracing my fingers up and down her leg slowly. She ran her hands through my hair as I kissed her moaning with pleasure. I slowly kissed down her collar bone to her breasts.

As I suckled on the right one I gently caressed the left one. I continued my way down to her stomach, and back up.

She flipped me over and began to nibble on my ear. I traced my fingers down her back and slowly made my way to her ass and squeezed it ever so slightly.

She stopped suddenly gasping. She started breathing heavily and kissed down my chest. She stopped at my manhood and slowly wrapped her lips around it, lashing it with her tounge.

She stopped and crawled in front of me.

"Is the oven preheated," I asked coyly.

"Damn right," she said.

She wraped her lips on mine. Our tounges dueled for control. I positioned myself on top of her and found my way deep inside her. I moved slowly back and forth, going in and out. She moaned with each passing second. I kissed her roughly, still moving.

Our breaths became shorter and deeper as we intensified.

"Oh Xander," She moaned.

I pinned her legs down going inside more deeply. She sat up and turned around. I went inside from behind moving my hands up and down her body. She moved her hands downward and rubbed herslef as we continued.

We went harder and faster until she orgasamed. She went on all fours as I finished and collapsed on top of her. I rolled to the side.

"I'm not done with you yet tiger," she said breathlessly.

She sat on top of me moving back and forth. The reserves kicked in and were back at it. We moved slowly to a beat rythum and intensified it. She leaned back so I could once more go deep inside her.

"Feels so good," Cordy breathed out.

"Never want to let you go," I replied. As she climaxed she fell on top of me. I kissed her forehead and held her, not wanting her to move.

She kissed my chest and smiled.

"I love you," she said.

"Love you too Cordelia," I replied tracing my finger down her cheek.

"We should get some rest now...think you wore me out. Three times?"

"Technically four if you count the shower," I said cuddling close to her. "But who's counting."

- Xander
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